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“Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom.”


Holistic – Addressing the whole person, (Body, Mind and Spirit.)
Optimal wellness comes from taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. At Brighter Life, we provided services tailored to your specific needs. We take a Holistic approach in guiding you toward achieving your goals. We teach and work with you to discover your own ability to heal, grow and transform. We work collaboratively with you to address what is most important to you, in an emotionally safe space.

What Is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic Counseling is an integrative type of therapy that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help an individual as a whole. Rather than focusing on a narrow problem, it considers mental, physical, and spiritual factors that influence a person’s well-being and seeks to help people heal and thrive on a deeper level.

Holistic Wellness utilizes a range of techniques to help individuals understand their symptoms. In addition, such strategies are designed to foster the greater sense of self-awareness to better understand the connection between their body, mind and relationships and how these elements play a role in mental health.

Mind-Body Therapy refers to groups of techniques that focus on improving body functioning and inducing relaxation and holistic nutrition to support and optimize the bodies innate healing abilities as a way to improve health.

Spiritual Therapy is an approach that incorporates belief systems and spiritual faith to explore problems that a person faces in their life.

Benefits of Holistic Wellness

The Wellness practices that are frequently utilized in holistic counseling are often used to help people deal with tension, stress, anxiety, trauma, family problems, depression, and work-related issues.

One benefit of Holistic Counseling is that it is whole body approach that addresses mental, physical, and spiritual health.  It often allows individuals to see the connection between these different aspects of their lives and better understand how this affects their health and Wellness. 

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