Our Team

Dr. Leslie Birkland, PhD, ND

Dr. Leslie Birkland, PhD, ND
Dr. Leslie Birkland earned her PhD in Natural Health as well as Holistic Counseling. She is a Board-Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has been counseling since 2014. Dr. Birkland’s mission is assisting individual find their JOY. Her approach is center on the client’s level of comfort.

Nick Brighter, Founder of The Brighter Institute

Nick Brighter
Nick Brighter is the founder of The Brighter Institute. Mr. Brighter earned his degree in Computer Science. As a Life Coach and certified Mediator, he specializes in family and individual conflict resolution. Mr. Brighter is an expert on personal power clarity and the polarities between lower and higher vibrations. Nick is also a Lifestyle Photographer.